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The workshop topics comprise mission-specific aspects, calibration and validation issues, data transformation, physical-based and learning methods, applications and service development. In particular the following topics are covered:

Mission specific

  • Instrument
  • Products
  • Calibration and validation
  • Data access
  • DESIS Cross calibration with other missions


  • Urban Thematic Exploitation & Material
  • Composition
  • Landcover & vegetation
  • Water Resources
  • Ocean Applications
  • Coastal Applications
  • Calibration
  • Natural Resources
  • Geology
  • Biodiversity


  • Imaging spectroscopy – physically based modelling of surface characteristics
  • Simulation and physical modelling of hyperspectral sensors
  • Sensor-oriented / physically-motivated hyperspectral data processing
  • Investigations based on multi-sensor data fusion
  • Dimensionality estimation, Endmember extraction, Abundance estimations
  • Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence